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These terms and conditions apply to use of the Ilumen website. Every user of the website will be bound by these terms and conditions. By visiting the website visitors explicitly accept their personal responsibility for regularly checking the rules and terms and conditions to ensure their awareness of the latest versions.

Website content

Ilumen provides all website material and information – texts, files, images or otherwise – solely for general information purposes.


Ilumen cannot be held liable for any inaccuracies or deficiencies in the information on the website. Incorrect information or deficiencies on the website will never establish any right to financial compensation.
Intellectual property rights and copyrightsEvery user of this website explicitly recognises and accepts that the provided information – including but not confined to texts and graphical elements – is protected by intellectual property rights that are and will remain vested in Ilumen. The Ilumen website (or part thereof) may not be represented, reproduced, adapted or used commercially in any way whatsoever without the prior written consent of Ilumen. It is not allowed to disseminate or store such information electronically except for automatic saving in the browser cache.

Log files

On almost every visit to a website your actions are stored in log files on the web server. Ilumen confines itself to the default log files. This means that Ilumen saves only basic information in the log files. The basic information shows when certain pages were viewed. Additionally, the visitor’s IP address will be stored in a database. This information will be used solely to tailor the website even more to your needs, to analyse certain trends, to maintain the site and to gather general demographic data. Ilumen does not analyse IP addresses in any way.


The Ilumen Web Technologies website uses cookies to enable you to personalise certain aspects of the website. A cookie remembers the language in which you prefer to view the website, for example. The cookies used on the Ilumen website do not gather any demographic data about visitors.


Various measures have been taken on the Ilumen website to protect the information of our visitors. Sensitive information that we obtained by means of the website is protected on-line and off-line.Under no circumstances whatsoever will your e-mail address be disclosed or sold to third parties.The data obtained can be transferred to thirt parties, but of course limited to affiliates, clients and subcontractors.You have the right to request inspection of your personal information stored at Ilumen and to edit it, if necessary. To do this you should send an e-mail to

Use of obtained information

Ilumen may use data obtained from you in order to send Ilumen newsletters, surveys or information to your address by e-mail or by ordinary post. Every communication from Ilumen will include a clear option for you to stop this service.The data obtained can be transferred to thirt parties, but of course limited to affiliates, clients and subcontractors.


The Ilumen website contains links to other websites. Ilumen does not exercise any kind of control over those websites and does not accept any liability concerning their contents. When exiting the Ilumen website we advise our visitors to read the privacy statement of any website that gathers personal data. The privacy statement of the Ilumen website concerns solely the information gathered via this website.

Discontinuation of this tool

Ilumen reserves the right to discontinue this application (or part thereof) at any time whatsoever without prior notification of the user.
Ilumen further reserves the right to impose charges for this website/tool or offered applications at any time. This may result in non-paying users being barred following notification. Charges may be imposed for use of all or part of this website/tool.
As this application is made available to the user free of charge, the user can never claim any right to any kind of compensation for damage or financial compensation.

Notices and amendments

Ilumen reserves the right to amend this Privacy Statement at any time.

iLusmart App

In the context of the mobile iLusmart App, also accessible via web version, iLumen collects the following personal data:– Name and surname– Mailing address– E-mail address– Phone number. This data are used on the one hand to link the user’s profile to his digital energy meter and/or any iLumen products in backup environment Solarlogs. On the other hand, the presence of this data contributes to a smooth follow-up by iLumen in the context of possible malfunctions.In addition, the iLusmart application processes offtake and injection data from the digital energy meter after the user grants iLumen explicit permission to visualize this data in the iLusmart application by means of approving a mandate in the ‘Mijn Fluvius’ environment of grid operator Fluvius. The personal data and data relating to offtake and injection that are processed by iLumen in the context of the iLusmart App can be communicated (also for commercial purposes) to the clients who rely on iLumen for the installation and maintenance of PV plants (installations).Users who wish to have their personal data and/or data relating to offtake and injection that are processed by iLumen temporarily or permanently removed can submit this request to iLumen by sending an email to Inactive profiles will be automatically deleted after 4 years.

Terms and conditions

The customer explicitly represents being aware of Ilumen’s terms and conditions.

Last modification

This privacy statement was last amended on June 27, 2022


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