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A suite of products that puts eco into ecosystem.


Powering the intelligent, self-sustaining home.

The connective tissue. Of your smart home.

iLusmart is hardware, software and intelligence collaborating, at its best. It combines an intuitive mobile app and standardized communication and insights across all iLumen products.

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Nighttime massage, for your solar panels.

A patented technology, developed to regenerate potential induced solar cells. It maximizes solar panel capacity, while integrating seamlessly in every solar energy system.

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Take charge of EV charging.

Your go-to smart EV charger. Let iLucharge charge your car while your energy levels are running high on solar power surplus.

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Your energy, where it belongs. At home.

A smart battery system that takes care of your solar energy when you don’t. The most efficient way to manage excess solar energy.

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Reimagine your boiler. As a battery.

iLuheat uses smart technology and integration with your existing water heating system. It then uses excess heating capabilities to temporarily store energy.

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The most promising solar technologies in 2022.


Federal Energy Minister wants to accelerate renewable energy roll-out due to high energy prices

Energy Minister Van der Straeten of the federal government in Belgium wants to accelerate the roll-out of renewable energy while lowering energy bills.

Energy regulator VREG considers accepting request to postpone capacity tariff

Energieregulator VREG houdt momenteel een openbare raadpleging over een wijziging van de tariefmethodologie 2021-2024. Daarin overweegt VREG de invoering van de nieuwe nettarieven voor elektriciteit, waaronder het capaciteitstarief, een laatste keer uit te stellen naar 1 januari 2023. Volgens de huidige tariefmethodologie moet Fluvius die nieuwe nettarieven invoeren op 1 juli 2022.