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keep the lights on.

The iLuheat is an intelligent solution for households with an electric water heater. It provides a cheap and efficient way to use your water heater as a battery to maximize locally produced energy consumption.
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Smart heat storage.

iLusmart regulates your electric water heater to store excess solar energy in hot water.

Save money.

Decrease your energy costs by increasing immediate solar energy consumption.

Full insights.

Review temperature status and energy consumption with the iLusmart app.

Energy storage, in

any waterheater.

iLuheat is a device connected to your electric water heater that measures and controls the temperature of the water at all times.

When combined with iLusmart, it converts excess solar energy into hot water during the day. This can be used at night, so you can take a hot shower without paying the evening premium on your electricity.

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How does iLuheat work?

iLuheat stores solar energy surplus into hot water. This means that the boiler will be additionally heated and will reach a higher temperature during the day, so that it will not need to be heated in the evening when the energy is more expensive, and still provide the necessary comfort.

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Find out how to best optimize your solar energy management.

Getting the highest return on investment on your solar energy generation is a tricky yet rewarding task. Book a free 30-min consultation where we’ll walk you through our products and show you how Ilumen solar energy solutions makes this easy.

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Products that work together.


For increasing yield.
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For energy storage
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For energy storage
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Innovation center.

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The Flemish government has announced extra money next calendar year to help Flemish citizens and companies combat high energy bills. 4 billion euros will be allocated.

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