No sun?

No problem

Increase your independence from the grid by storing excess solar energy. Enjoy cost-effective energy. Even on rainy days.


For energy storage.

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Smart Storage White

Smart storage.

Automatically stores your excess solar energy. Green energy whenever you want it.

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Compatible with all solar panels. The amount of stored energy is tailored to personal energy consumption.

No Loss Of Energy White

No loss of energy.

Our DC technology offers the most efficient way to store solar energy.

Store excess power
for later use

The most cost-effective way to use your excess solar energy. Smartly store your precious energy instead of injecting it back into the grid. The iLubat is easy to implement and needs no additional accessories to be effective.

Ilubat Day
Ilubat Night

Ecological and affordable by

smart consumption.

The smart, self-sustaining home where renewable energy flows continuously. The lowest grid dependency possible. That's a green future.

Yield optimization is our

second nature.

Getting the highest return from your solar panels is a difficult but rewarding task. Book a free 30-minute consultation where we'll walk through iLumen's updated product offerings together.

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"That was the first time we had someone - even if it was a young guy - who exuded so much confidence and knew what he was talking about. Of course, we did very well in the summer and it's less now with that weather, but that goes without saying hehe. We also live in Belgium, so that's the flip side. And they also made us very aware of that: in summer it will yield much more. The seller also said that - which I also thought was very important - in terms of consumption. He said, "try to consume as much as possible during the day when the sun is shining, so that you have to consume less in the evening."

Karina (Bierbeek)

Products that work together.

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For heat storage

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For greater yield

Openstaande Ilusmart app op een smartphone scherm voor energiemonitoring.


For energy management

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For energy storage

Stay tuned.

Innovation Center.

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Hoeveel Vlamingen doen aan energiedelen?

Energieregulator VREG rapporteert jaarlijks over energiegemeenschappen, energiedelen en energie verkopen. Dat legt het Energiedecreet op. Die mogelijkheden moeten burgers, lokale overheden en kmo’s aanmoedigen om deel te nemen aan de energiemarkt en de energietransitie. Sinds

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