Immediate increase in efficiency

driven by years of engineering

Permanently increasing solar panel efficiency is as simple as installing a box. Free your installation from Potential Induced Degradation (PID) and prevent costly yield loss.

Patented, award-winning technology.

Harness the power of iLumen's patented PIDbox technology and unlock the full potential of your solar panel installations.

The PIDbox.

To increase yield.

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Unique technology.

Seamless implementation with series technology in your power system. Compatible with all types of inverters.

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Solar panel boost.

Provides higher yield of solar panels. Extends the life of solar panels.

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Payback period.

A smart investment. Payback time varies on average between 6 months and 2 years.

Technology independently proven
to improve your ROI on solar.

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Tests of PV modules from a PID-affected plant (2014).

Commissioned by Omron, manufacturer of AC drives, the PIDbox is being tested for its ability to regenerate PID.

Independent manufacturer of electroluminescence test systems MBJ tested the PID box and coating.

Students take a critical look at iLumen's PIDbox.

Discover the science behind

and in the PIDbox

The PIDbox regenerates solar cells by sending power back to the panels at night. This blocks Potential Induced Degradation and quasi increases the efficiency of solar panels to their initial output. The panels will generate less heat, improving both their yield and their lifespan.

Increase your expected efficiency and the life of your solar panels.

Independent research proves an average solar panel efficiency increase of 7.45% after installing a PID box. The minimum yield increase is 3%, the maximum increase nearly 17%.

Easy implementation. Boundless compatibility.

The PIDbox is easy to install and requires minimal maintenance. It is the only solution on the market that is installed in series between PV modules and the inverter. This makes it compatible with all types of inverters and string sizes.

Find out how to best optimize your solar management.

Getting the highest return from your solar panels is a difficult but rewarding task. Book a free 30-minute consultation where we'll walk through iLumen's updated product offerings together.


By people already living in the green future.

Dirk Van Loock - Residentieel

A few months after installing the PID box, the results were impressive. In April, May and June, my solar panels achieved an efficiency of 85%, 93% and 99%, respectively, over the reference yield. My solar panels are performing better than ever before!

Harold Van der Veken - Ekoo

Amazing results. For a long time, my thin film solar panels were not providing sufficient efficiency. Despite initial doubts, I purchased the PIDbox anyway, and the results were amazing! Shortly after installing the PIDbox, the solar panels achieved the desired results. I am really relieved that PID in thin film solar panels is reversible.

Marc Coppens - Yuki

One of my solar parks was facing very negative returns. During my search for a partner who could help, I came in contact with iLumen. They installed the PIDbox and after only 3 months it was clear that my efficiency was suddenly above expectations. Later we applied the PIDbox technology to all my solar farms, with great results!

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