Energy management?

There is an app for that.

iLusmart is the central brain of the system and can communicate with and monitor various devices such as inverters and batteries. It helps increase the direct consumption of solar energy, thus saving significantly on energy costs.


For smart energy management.

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Energy Control White

Unique technology.

Monitors energy flow and storage. Communicates with other iLumen devices.

Deep Insights White

Far-reaching insights.

Historical and real-time data with personalized energy-saving tips.

One Fits All White


Fits all energy meters and inverters. Also suitable for non-PV installations.

Get insights and tips.

Energy savings, right at your fingertips.

Learn from previous months or view real-time data in the iLusmart app. All data about your offtake from the grid and injection of solar energy to the grid are recorded. Get tips on how to save more energy and calculate the payback time of integrating new smart devices.

Also available for non-PV installations. Available in Flanders, Belgium. Soon available worldwide.

Find out how to manage your solar energy

can optimize.

Getting the highest return from your solar panels is a difficult but rewarding task. Book a free 30-minute consultation where we'll walk through iLumen's updated product offerings together.

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"The app I use a lot! In the kitchen or while working, I open my app and see what my battery is doing. If my battery is 100%, then I start firing in progress, so I have to put as little as possible on the grid. That's really convenient, though. We are really very satisfied with you guys!"

Kim (Sint-Truiden)

Products that work together.

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For heat storage

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For energy storage

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To increase yield.

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For energy storage

Stay tuned.

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