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Let's build the green future together.

Do you have an idea or vision on how we can improve smart home energy management? Sign up for the iLumen Living Labs, become part of our open innovation ecosystem and think about solutions with us.

iLumen Living Labs

Living on the edge of innovation.

Living Labs are "spaces" where open research and innovation are encouraged - in this case, your home or business!

If you are selected for a Living Lab project, we will work together to bring your idea to life. We have some ideas of our own, but you are encouraged to suggest one of your own.

You will be actively involved in building a truly innovative solution that pushes the boundaries of what already exists.

And you will be the first.

You are eligible if:

Solar Panel Boost White

You have solar panels

One Fits All White

You have a digital meter

Smart Charge White

You have at least one smart asset

What is an example of a Living Lab?

Your EV in a new look.

Did you know that the average car battery can store enough energy to power your home for several days?

Imagine if you could charge that car battery with excess solar energy during the day and discharge it at night when power prices spike?

Join our Living Labs and work with us to develop a solution to improve the bidirectional charging function of our iLucharge. Together, we'll redesign your car as a battery!

Why co-create with iLumen?

Innovation is our DNA.

For more than a decade, we have been the driving force behind a green future. But actually our story begins 5 years earlier as a couple of student engineers with a vision and the guts to fail.

Over the years, many people have approached us who, like us, want to contribute to a greener society.

In essence, iLumen is a living laboratory. It is in our DNA.

Ecological and affordable

smart consumption.

The smart, self-sufficient home where renewable energy flows continuously. With the lowest possible dependence on the power grid. That's a green future.

Stay tuned.

Innovation Center.

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