Ecological and affordable by

Intelligently built, economically executed.

The smart, self-sufficient home where renewable energy flows continuously. As little reliance on the grid as possible. That's a green future.

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Spend less on energy

Intelligent energy management that maximizes the consumption of solar energy to become more grid independent.

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Built for the future

Interconnected products that allow you to precisely control energy consumption in your home.

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Smaller ecological footprint

Use the generated energy intelligently and keep it inside your home. Reduce your carbon footprint.

The smart home

of the future.

An all-electric world where everything is connected and communicating. It is possible today and will remain so. We facilitate the transition to renewable energy and provide you with an ever-growing ecosystem to power your future.

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Investing in green.

We help you build the new economy.

Our products reduce grid dependency, increase intelligent energy consumption and help you reduce your carbon footprint.
Lower your energy bill and build the green economy.


Energy for the smart, self-sufficient home.

Become the boss of charging your EV. charging your EV.

Your smart EV charger. Let iLucharge charge your car while your energy levels are high due to excess solar energy.

Smart home? Start here.

Insert batteries.

Use batteries to reduce your dependence on the grid and store your generated energy. Our technology ensures maximum efficiency in saving energy.

Reduce PID.

Potential Induced Degradation. Or what makes the efficiency of your solar panels negative. The phenomenon is common with commercially available solar panels, including yours.


The entire iLumen portfolio is a communicating whole, as are a growing number of other smart products. Start with products that communicate with each other.

Turn up the heat.

Use smart IoT devices to harness your water heater like a battery. With smart energy storage of excess solar energy in your water heater, you can use the stored energy at night.

Take the lead.

Use excess solar power to charge your car, with support for car-as-home battery in the near future.

Request a quote.

Work your way to economic ecology. Contact our team and request a quote.

Stay tuned.

Innovation Center.

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Hoeveel Vlamingen doen aan energiedelen?

Energieregulator VREG rapporteert jaarlijks over energiegemeenschappen, energiedelen en energie verkopen. Dat legt het Energiedecreet op. Die mogelijkheden moeten burgers, lokale overheden en kmo’s aanmoedigen om deel te nemen aan de energiemarkt en de energietransitie. Sinds

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